The developments regarding COVID-19 are changing daily.

In order to comply with directives and recommendations from public health authorities, the hospital has stopped elective surgery. Surgery centers are being asked to consider making similar changes to their surgery schedule in order to preserve supplies that might be urgently needed if the supply chain for these items is disrupted, to encourage social distancing, and to help protect health-care workers who may be needed to care for more critically ill patients. In an effort to support these goals, Foris Surgical Group, LLP is immediately implementing the following procedures and changes. Please note that this is a very fluid situation and things will probably change over time.

• All elective surgery is being cancelled. We are calling all patients and will determine whether the anticipated procedure is “elective” or “essential” (or more urgent). We are making every effort to still perform the urgent cases in the hope that problems do not become worse with a delay.

• We are calling patients to be absolutely sure that they need immediate evaluation or whether their appointments can be rescheduled when it may be safer for all concerned.

• It is EXTREMELY important that we have good contact information (particularly phone) so that we can contact you should sudden changes in the schedule be required.

• In order to reduce the wait time, and improve social distancing, it is very important that you arrive on-time with your information forms ALREADY completed. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR FORMS COMPLETED BEFORE ARRIVING, YOU WILL BE RESCHEDULED. We are trying to reduce your time in the office.

• Effective immediately, patients will need to come into the office to be evaluated unaccompanied unless otherwise instructed. Anyone accompanying the patient will be asked to wait in the car.

In addition, we are limiting our hours of operation. Effective immediately we will be open to see patients until NOON–Monday through Friday—though this schedule is subject to changes.

If you have any questions, please call. We value the trust and confidence you have placed in us. We want to keep you, your family, and our staff safe during this difficult and extraordinary time.

Foris Surgical Group, L.L.P. Surgeons and Management

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